Pocket Watch If you love collecting antique items then watches must evidently hold your fascination. After all, there is something timeless about collecting time. However, finding a good and genuine piece of antique models can really be a challenge. It is definitely an expensive investment so there are many angles to be considered. First of all you should have a good comprehensive idea what are the types of antique watch you need to search for. One of the most reputable types of antique models was manufactured Waltham.

This company was located at Waltham Massachusetts, and manufactured watches during the 1800s. They are now the rarest collectible watches that you can find in the market. 1853 Barlett watch is one the vintage collection of Waltham which was originally priced $40. The original name of Waltham was Boston. So if you happen to come across something called Boston pocket watch you should know that you are collecting a piece of Waltham. The watches that are marked under these names are Davis, Dennison and Howard pocket watches. The most priceless possessions of Waltham were made during the turn of the century that is 1900. So if you get a piece from that time then you should know that you are collecting a timeless piece.

Elgin National Watch Company also has a quite respectable reputation as antique pocket watches. There watches were produced till the middle of 1960's and the truly impeccable designs are reminiscent of time that is now a dreamlike history in this digital world. All the products of the company were produced in Illinois and are quite in demand as a collectible item. The genuineness of the watch can be identified by the company logo where an image of father time holds the pocket watch. Howard pocket watch which was manufactured by Waltham Watch Company is also one of the rarest collectible products.

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Pocket Watch